Communication efficient and robust federated learning for IoT networks

Machine Learning, Federated Learning, Python

A pytorch based package that provides optimized functions for HD computing and learning on GPU and CPU

Hyperdimensional computing, Python

A minimal dark colorscheme for vim that is easy on the eyes

vim script

SMS bot by which you can browse Google, access Gmail, twitter and navigation without internet connection

Python, Flask

Interactive e-learning which dynamically adapts content to match users pace. It uses OpenCV to infer understanding of content using facial expressions

OpenCV, Python, Flask

A real world implementation of the popular phone game paper toss

C, Python, Flask

SEUS is a headphone which uses Machine Learning and passive audio sensors to detect and warn users of approaching cars

C, Android, ARM

building energy monitoring framework which provides real-time actionable feedback to occupants

Python, iOS, Android

AI solver which can play the 2048 game


A terminal utility which augments a terminal with cli interface to spotify, sms, pacman and ascii video stream

Python, tmux, shell

Real-time adaptive noise cancellation implemented on Altera FPGA

Verilog, C, Altera FPGA

reinforcement learning approach to fixing prices for retail products

Reinforcement Learning, Python, Flask

glove with custom made flex sensors which can interpret american sign language.

C, Atmega

a wristband embedded with hear rate and temperature sensors which detects pulse, sweating and body temp.

C, Atmega, Processing